Nothing ever hurt like you.

Lovin' you is easy, playin' by the rules
But you said love tastes so much better when it's cruel
To you everything was just a game
And you played me good
But I want you, I want you, I want you so much more than I should
Yes I do

I got my hands up to take your aim

I'm ready
There's nothin' that we can't go through
It hit me like a steel freight train when you left me
And nothin' ever hurt like you

There ain't nothing that I won't do
Walk a thousand miles on broken glass, it won't stop me
From makin' my back to you

There ain't nothing that we can't go through
Oh it hit me like a hurricane when you left me
But I'd do it all again for you

It' like we learn til you feel pain
And nothin ever hurt like you
Nothing ever hurt like you
Oh, nothin' hurt like you
You got to believe me


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